Modular multi-arm system with a functional design and extreme versatility. It has light arms tensioned by textile tape and a 50 mm square bar

Designed to install in


Recommended up to

2 arms 

6,00 width x 4,00 projection (m)

3 arms 

9,00 width x 4,00 projection (m) + 1-2 center supports

4 arms

12,00 width x 4,00 projection (m) + 1 central support

5-6 arms

14,00 width x 4,00 projection (m) + 2 central supports



  • Bar terminals with a curved and functional aesthetic. Innovative Arko arm with belt, with output up to 4 meters. Front arm adjustment with easy access. Hidden hardware.
  • The caps are made of aluminum.
    Barra de carga preparada para una iluminación LED. Barra cuadrada de 50 x 50 mm.